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The game where words travel fast, but your brain travels faster!

Do your brain a favor, download Word Travels – the game which takes you around the globe, one cross word puzzle at a time.

Progress through the zones and earn your explorer status, as you discover all the words in the crossword. Visit the Colosseum in Italy and marvel at the deserts of Africa, as each level unlocks another wonder of the world!

With over 1,500 puzzles, your journey won’t be a smooth ride. This incredibly fun brain-trainer starts easy but becomes more challenging as you continue to globe-trot your way through the levels.

Powered by Oxford Dictionaries, you’ll discover and define thousands of new words; as well as under-covering secret words and meanings hidden within the puzzle.

We get it, sometimes you might need that extra helping hand. So why not use the coins you collect to unearth that word you quite can’t guess. And with the ability to play offline, you can keep learning whilst on-the-go.

So join the tens-of-thousands of our Word Travellers already discovering words – and the world – together.

In-app purchases available and help us to make our game better.

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